Hello. We are a couple of ex-Texans living in Seattle who are looking forward to the awesome journey that parenting is sure to be. We’re both a bit nervous, but very much excited by the idea of raising a child, which will be our first. We hope to meet a great birthmother who can walk through this process together with us.

Cindy and Scott have both been looking forward to starting a family. After a few years of trying, we looked into other methods of having a child. Both us were drawn to adoption. With close friends who were both adopted and others that have adopted, we felt like adoption was a perfect fit to start our family.

I guess some history about the happy couple is in order…

As we mentioned, we are both from Houston, Texas and, in fact, went to high school together where Scott held out much of his senior year with a big crush on Cindy. Alas, it never came to fruition until much later when they were reacquainted¬†in Seattle while Cindy was on a layover for her job as a flight attendant. He picked her up in his 40 year old Volvo station wagon wearing shorts and a t-shirt (it was the 4th of July!), while she was dressed in a beautiful cocktail dress. Over the next 6 years of dating and 6 years of marriage, we’ve managed to meet somewhere in the middle.

We both have a love of travel, which is made easier with the flight benefits we have through Cindy’s work as a flight attendant (Scott works as a web developer for a marketing agency). We have managed to take (sometimes fairly short) trips to Ghana, China, Australia, India, Costa Rica and Indonesia and are looking very forward to travelling with our child and experiencing the world with him or her.

We both love the Pacific Northwest where we’ve laid our roots. Camping, hiking, fishing, attending Seattle Sounders games and rolling down the hill in our backyard – these are some of the things we’re excited to share with our child.

Scott once ran a record label (unsuccessful). Cindy has been known to quilt and even taught Scott how to sew recently. We tend to be very active and are excited to share these experiences as parents. Scott particularly looks forward to teaching them how to haggle the price down on a backgammon set in Turkey, while Cindy is already getting the pool table ready for lessons like she had from her father.

We are both very close to our families. Cindy’s twin sister lives practically down the street. Did I mention that we would love to welcome twins into our home? Cindy’s mother and step-father live in Henderson, Nevada. Scott has an older sister who lives with her family (again, twins!) in Fort Collins, CO near his parents. Our flight benefits help us visit often.

We’ve been reading and learning quite a lot about the experience of raising an adopted child and plan on telling them their adoption story as they grow to make sure they know how much you care for them We also hope to maintain a certain level of communication with you as the child grows up.

It’s difficult to really express how excited we are with this process, but we are also pretty overwhelmed as I’m sure you are as well. We can understand what a difficult decision this must be for you. Together, I think that we can make this a positive experience for all us. We would love to meet you and get to know you and your baby.