About Us

Location Location Location

We currently reside in Seattle, Washington. (well, Renton, actually)
We are both originally from Houston, Texas where we went to Dobie High School.
Cindy has lived in San Diego, Las Vegas, Detroit and Washington D.C.
Scott has lived Nacogdoches, Texas, Salzburg, Austria, Regensburg, Germany and London, England

Here is a picture of our backyard:


It was built in 1964. It sits on about 1 acre of property in a very quiet area north of Renton – a neighborhood called Bryn Mawr.

How we work

Cindy is currently employed as a flight attendant, flying both domestic and international flights.  She previously worked in education helping place graduating students with jobs.  She also holds a degree from Seattle University in Criminal Justice.

Scott works as a web developer for a digital marketing company in Seattle. He’s worked there for about 7 years. Prior to that he worked at Amazon.com from when it was still a small online bookstore that hardly anyone had heard of in 1997 until 2005.  He holds a degree in Business Administration and German from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX.

Cindy is currently learning how other flight attendants raise their families.  We will likely both continue to work and are hoping to work out a shared nanny with other friends of ours with children the same age.

The way we live

We are very social creatures who love to spend time with our friends and their families. We have a very tight knit, diverse group of friends who love to cook and camp and forage and visit with each other. We love to travel – usually with Cindy’s sister, Kim, and her boyfriend, Airin.



Having flight benefits has really helped with this. We are already looking at the best ways to travel with children and can’t wait to explore the world with a daughter or son. Scott is particularly excited about future hikes that will happen.

Cindy is a twin and is very close to her sister, Kim. They really do most everything together. We are very open to adopting a set of twins.


Scott’s parents live in Longmont, CO and his sister’s family lives in Fort Collins, CO. Cindy’s family lives in Henderson, NV. We visit often.

Scott’s interests include making music, hiking and climbing, cooking and watching Seattle Sounders soccer games with his lovely wife.

Cindy’s interests include making clothing and quilting, exercising our dogs, travel and watching Seattle Sounders soccer games with her lovely husband.

We have laid our roots in Seattle and plan on remaining here for the foreseeable future.

We have completed our home study and have begun our search for a child. We are both excited and a bit nervous about the process, but are looking forward to making the perfect connection with our child.